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Video Clips How Long
Only Lonely-live 3,5 min.  
Blaze of Glory 5,5 min.
Miracle 4,5 min.
Dying Ainít Much of A Living 4 min.
I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas 4 min.
Please Come Home For Christmas 2 min.
Good Guys Donít Always Wear White 4 min.
Always- only the band in studio 5 min.
Always- Niagara 4 min.
Someday Iíll be Saturday Night 4 min.
Someday Iíll be Saturday Night- At the stadium 4 min.  
This Ainít A Love Song 5 min.  
Something For The Pain 5 min.
Lie To Me 5 min.  
These Days 4 min.  
Hey, God 4,5 min.  
This is the Time of Your Life- with Steven Van Zand 5 min.  
Midnight in Chelsea 5 min.
Queen of New Orleans 5 min.  
Jannie Donít You Take Your Love to Town 3,5 min.  
Ugly 3 min.  
Miro A Tu Ventana 4 min.  
Real Life 4 min.  
Itís My Life- uncensored 4,5 min.  
Say It Isnít So 4 min.  
Thank You For Loviní Me 4 min.
One Wild Night 3,5 min.
Wanted Dead Or Alive- 2001 5 min.  
Everyday                    3 min.
Misunderstood                4 min.
All About Loving You          4 min.
Wanted: Dead or Alive- 2003      4 min.
All About Loving You 4 min.
Hook Me Up 4 min.
Joey 5 min.
These Arms Are Open All Night 4 min.
Right side of Wrong 6 min.
Have a Nice Day 3,5 min.
WSYCGH 4 min.
WTWYA 3,5 min.
Make a Memory 4 min.
Lost Highway 4 min.