E: Hi Jon
J: Hey guys
E: Hey, whatís up?
K: Hey Jon
J: Good Morning
E: Heatherís on the phoneÖsheís from Cape Cod, listening from Cape Cod wanting to say hello.
J: Hi Heather
Heather: Are you serious?
E/K: Yeah, itís Jon Bon Jovi, say hi
Heather: Hello Jon.
Jon: Hi, how are you?
H: Good, how are you?
J: Very well, thanks
H: You sound tired!
E; heís very, very tired. Heís very, very tired. Jon, how are you buddy?
J: Yeah, I donít sound like a morning DJ, I know
E: Whatís going on?
J: Oh, you know, a lot. You name it. Whatís not going on?
K: A long weekend?
J: Ah, yeah, a little under the weather, you know its going around.
E: Werenít you doing a movie shoot this weekend, we were told?
J: Yeah, Iím done with that. Iím on my way down to Philadelphia for our football team meetings
K: Yeah, whatís up with that? Youíre like, owner of an arena football team now?
J: Yeah, you guys have a great team out there, the Chicago Rush, and, we own the Philadelphia franchise called the Philadelphia Soul. And, you know, itís a lot of work but itís also a lot of fun.
E: I kind of feel like we were like a research project for you Jon because it was about a year ago we brought up arena football and you casually mentioned ďhey, you guys like that stuff?Ē and then lo and behold you buy a team.
J: Yeah, you had those crazy cheerleaders there that time.
K: There you go, you remember
E: Yeah, you remember them.
J: Yeah
K: Cheerleaders are the best in arena football
J: Thatís right
K: Did you do the auditions for the cheerleaders for the Philadelphia Soul?
J: Not yet, not yet. We have two open tryouts for them the end of this month.
E: Thatís gotta be exciting for you, being owner now and everything
J: Yeah, Iím looking forward to that part of it, you know? Iíll be a lot better at hiring cheerleaders than quarterbacks. You know, my field of expertise.
E: I canít believe it was almost one year ago almost to the day, you and Richie came in and did that Haunted Halloween broadcast with us
J: That was a lot of fun. I always told you that was the most fun I ever had on morning radio.
E: Aw, thatís nice. Thanks.
K: And then you flew back to be with your kids on Halloween. Did you dress up this year with the kids?
J: Oh, I had a silly hat and answered the door most of the day. My kids were sick and so I ended up staying home with one of them, and my wife ended up going out. But, yeah, it was a lot of fun.
K: So when we ring the doorbell at Jon Bon Joviís house, what are you given for trick or treat candy?
J: Man, there was lots of it. I donít know, there was Tootsie Rolls and Snickers Bars and Skittles and all kinds of goods, but we had to go out and buy more candy cuz lots of people came over.
E: Did you really?
K: Oh, I bet they did.
E; Wow
J: Yeah, it was good
K: Especially when they found out you were answering the door.
J: Yeah, I know. They come, you know, and you say Ďwell what are you dressed as?Ē ďoh, a hookerĒ you know.
E: Youíre nine! Oh, thatís funny. Now This Left Feels Right that comes out. We just had a caller about that cuz we played Wanted Dead or Alive off it.
J: Oh great, thanks.
E: Is that tomorrow on that?
J: Yeah, tomorrow it hits the stores shelves. Yup.
K: Now whatís up with this taping in Atlantic City because weíre going to be giving people a chance to win a trip out there, to Atlantic City?
J: Oh, good. Well, weíre not doing any real- weíre not doing any touring, weíre not really doing any promotion. Yours is the only station in the whole nation Iím calling.
K: Wow
J: But, weíre doing a DVD taping to fulfill a commitment, and our playing in such a small venue in New Jersey has caused quite a stir. Itís only 1,800 seats, and so weíre gonna shoot a DVD there, and that will be the only touring behind it. Umm, but, weíre gonna go down to AC, and they have a beautiful, big new casino on the boardwalk and thatís where weíre doing it.
E; Wow
K: So is it gonna be just you and Richie doing the acoustic stuff?
J: No, no. Itís the whole band, and itís the way, shape and form that the record has taken. So, itís more of an eclectic version of the songs, as opposed to an acoustic version. Itís taken on a life of its own now, and, we just wanted to do something thatís a little different than just a ďgreatest hitsĒ collection, if you will. So we re-recorded these songs, and gave them a whole new life, and- and thatís it. A little something for the fans.
E: So Jon, on stage then, sort of a small venue, an intimate atmosphereÖ are you still using Duracell batteries in your microphone though?
J: *laughs* Yeah.
E: I just saw the commercial this morning.
K: Did you? First time?
E: Yeah
K: At one of the stores selling the CD, you get free batteries with purchase.
E: Hey, there you go.
J: Gotta love that. Whatever it takes these days, you know. Itís the downloading. You gotta do what you gotta do.
E: Now Jon, every time we have you on, we like to do ď10 Questions Jon bon Jovi Never Gets AskedĒ
J: Okay
E: But we got a different version. We got a different game for you today. This is called ďEbay Jon Bon Jovi Ė How Much Would you Pay?Ē Alright, so Iím gonna read you some of the Jon Bon Jovi items on Ebay, and we wanna know how much youíd pay for them, okay? Alright?
J: Okay
E: ďJon Bon Jovi sexy hot new keychain.Ē What do you think thatís going for on ebay right now?
J: $7.50
E: $7.50? $5.95
J: no
K: Darn close. Come on, itís sexy and hot!
E: Thatís right. How bout the ďJon Bon Jovi Romantic Nights Pillowcase?Ē
J: *Laughing* With or without stains on it?
K: oh---- hopefully without!
J: ok
E: How much you-
J: $12.95
E: That is exactly right! Thatís exactly right, to the nickel! That is cool. Iím stopping there. He got it right on the money.
J: Yeah, let me off, I did good.
K: Isnít there, like, a Bon Jovi thong too?
E: there might be, I donít know, everybody puts Bon Jovi stuff on here.
J: (Sorry, couldnít make out Jonís reply here).
K: or maybe Iím thinking of the underwear that Heather made for Richie Sambora for a birthday present or something.
J: oh, yeah, that would beĖ theyíd be big.
E: Oh, I donít know Katherine, thatís more your thing than mine. Not too sure about that. Alright, so tomorrow, Jon weíll be looking for that in stores, This Left Feels Right. I hope that you feel better. What film are you doing?
J: Itís called Living the Lie, itís a thriller. I play a high school teacher, believe it or not, in this private academy in Virginia. Itís pretty neat, it turned out good. You know, itís just a small part, but I wanted to get my feet wet in the acting thing again, so this opportunity came up and I took it.
K: yeah, itís been a while.
J: Yeah
K: Youíre still busy producing kids. What are you on, number what? 4 or 5?
J: yeah, 4.
K: Number 4, huh.
J: yeah
E: Had enough yet, Jon? About had enough yet?
K: Would you leave your poor wife alone?
E: Yeah, keep your hands off her, for crying out loud.
K: Geez.
E: Poor woman.
J: She bought the bed sheet, what can I tell ya.
E: Alright. Jon, itís good talking, take care of yourself. Feel better.
J: Alright, thanks you all, take care.