Terra - 09.02.2001 
The shooting of "Vampires: Los Muertos" located for two days at two main streets of the colony Santa Maria la Ribera. 
It will be a surprise for those who thought that Sancho, Diego Luna's character, would come out triumphant in the battle, since young apprentice of Bliss Derek, interpreted by Bon Jovi, dies in the blond teacher's hands when young Sancho tried to attack him. 
"Bon Jovi kills Diego Luna's character", a source of the production that requested the anonymity explained. 
"Diego Luna becomes vampire because a vampire bit him, and when Bon Jovi arrives at the house to rescue his girlfriend, he attacks him. Then Bon Jovi defends and kills him." 
The production of the movie located for two days at two main streets of the colony Santa Maria la Ribera, exactly in a supposedly abandoned house. 
Here without the fans presence, with only a patrol car with two policemen, the movie shot without any problem. 
After almost five weeks of filming in Mexico, the movie will continue with the scenes that show Bon Jovi's victory against the blood thirsty night creatures. 
The film has suffered from two assaults, as a member of the production team informed, because in one occasion they broke the glass of an automobile and in other the target of the thieves were "the plugs of the rines" (Sorry, I don't know what's this).

Terra - 12.02.2001 
They shot 'VAMPIRES: LOS MUERTOS' in Tepozteco
Tepozteco and Morelos now are the scenes for the movie in which Jon Bon Jovi participated and the shooting will provide temporary employment to San Juan's population. The team of production arrived for shooting the last scenes, because the battle of the vampires became to an end. 
The sun shone this Monday morning and it was a promising week beginning for the labor life of the place, because several people will participate as extras in the film and it's good because of the lack of crop in the region. 
Mrs. Rosa who habitually sells food in front of the Baptist Church San Juan, is in the list of the possible extras from the Friday afternoon. 
"They are people that come to help the town because now there is nor rain neither work for us, as the crop of the tomatoes in this time of the year is regular and that their arrival is good", she commented. 
San Juan is inhabited approximately by 12 thousand people, its name means "on the Earth end" and it is located to 1634 meters above sea level, according to official data of the municipality. 
The arrival of the actors like Arley Juber, Diego Luna and Bon Jovi is highlight for the local inhabitants. 
For Israel Morales, farmer, the arrival of the movie crew will be beneficial even only for the town party that will begin on February 25. 
"It's good because we always cooperate ourselves to make the food and to fix all that for the Party of the Carnival, to honor our patron saint. It will be this way a help for the town", he said. 
The shooting will continue during this whole week, without onlookers that know who Bon Jovi is, but under the presence of Tepozteco, as silent witness of all that happens there.