"Re Express"- 1988- translated from German

Jon Bon Jovi- in private

    Jon Bon Jovi does everything for his fans. He never refuses to give autographs with impolite sigh: "No, I don't have time!" Even the roadies are told not to drive away the fans if they are attacking the stage. Jon remembers: "Once a guy jumped on stage in Philadelphia. His name was George. It was second encore. He said: "Hey, my friends are at the first row and they'll take a photo of you and me." I told him: "Wait a minute, 15000 people are waiting for me. Come backstage after the show." But he insisted. This ruined all the finale because we turned the lights down for the photo. But that's how "Bon Jovi" are. We are just a little part of crowd and together with the fans we make one big party. If we don't have 5-10 kids with us on stage the show isn't doing well."
    Because Jon is absolute zero in technique he leaves everything that has to be fixed in David's hands. "Wherever I settle down I'll have to build a house for David nearby too, so he could help me if anything does not work. In this case I just call him: " David, my ghetto bluster is not OK, can you come and take a look at it?" Aleck, Tico and Richie are already joking that David is the only steady band member because I can't even tie my shoelace alone. To be honest even plugging in my guitar is too much for me."
    To protect from the most crazy fans when Jon is on tour he registers in the hotels under different names. His favorite ones are: Mr. Neil Down, Mr. Ben Dover, Mr. N. O. Body.
    When he was in England in the autumn he received some threatens from a maniac who nonstop calling in the hotel just to say: "I'll catch you!" The hotel was evacuated for this reason and the band was escorted in an armored car to the concert.
    Jon does not like the fashion designers. He has in his suitcase two pairs of jeans, t- shirts, socks and jogging outfit. His black leather jacket is a gift from Richie for his birthday. The bijou- amulet on his neck is from his aunt for his graduation. The expensive ring that he wore is given him by his crew when "Slippery When Wet" became N 1 in the USA. 
    One of Jon's favorite occupations as a teenager was mixing cocktails in Sam's bar in Sayreville. Every afternoon Jon and his friends went there to do their home works. In the evening he went behind the bar to the owner place and made cocktails for his friends. He has even his own cocktail made by vodka, peach brandy and fox berry juice- its name is "Muff Dive." "Even Rambo would get drunk with this." And today when Jon celebrate something he drinks "Muff Dive".