Dec. 15 NY Daily News
Don't ever call Al Gore a stiff again

The vanquished veep boogied until 3 a.m. at an impromptu star-studded party in the vice president's mansion that began barely two hours after he conceded the presidency to George W. Bush.
Gore high-fived some of the 200 partygoers, which included Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, Naomi Campbell, Rob Reiner, Wyclef Jean, Stevie Wonder, photographer Herb Ritts and John Popper of Blues Traveler.
The fallen candidate, his tie yanked low and sleeves rolled up, whooped, clapped and stomped until he sweated through his shirt.
He hugged family, friends and supporters and drank bottled beer with rockers Bon Jovi and Petty while wife Tipper joined the band, even banging out a drum solo.
Someone arriving on the scene from a five-week trip to the South Pole might have mistakenly assumed that Gore had won the election.
Actually, the bash was Bon Jovi's idea.
Before the vice president gave his concession speech, a number of friends and supporters had gathered at the Gore house for a Christmas party under a tent. But the atmosphere according to sources was so sad and depressing that Bon Jovi finally threw his hands in the air and said: "I can't stand it anymore."
The New Jersey rocker got on the phone and started inviting his friends to the "party at Gore's house!"
Some of the celebrities Bon Jovi reached were in Washington on Wednesday, having dinner at the popular Red Sage Grill restaurant with Bobby and Tim Shriver in advance of last night's "A Very Special Christmas." That's the annual White House gala benefiting the Special Olympics, which the Shrivers have spearheaded for years.
The bash, one source said, "was surreal" and resembled "something like college time again."
"After such a long time on the campaign trail, Al Gore just let go," the source said.
With hair tousled, jacket off, tie undone and shirt unbuttoned, Gore shimmied and shook with a parade of willing dance partners- including the gorgeous Campbell.
"He waved his arms and led others, as everyone jumped up and down," said the source. "The floor was actually bouncing. It was a frenzy, like Studio 54 all over again.
"Tipper was playing the drums right in front of him. She saw everything, but obviously she was too busy having fun herself."
One guest took pictures of the party and gave them exclusively to the Daily News.
With Popper on harmonica, Wonder, Bon Jovi and Petty did an impromptu medley of Beatles songs.
"Everyone was acting like they were trying to make the vice president feel better," said the source. "But he looked relieved.
"Either he was in denial, or just thankful the election was over."
"What started out as a wake ended as a celebration," marveled another guest