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I Definitely Prefer The Older Me

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi reckons that if he'd met himself a decade ago, he wouldn't have been a fan.

"If I had met myself 10 years ago, I might have had one drink with myself, then sent me on my way," confesses Jon Bon Jovi. "I definitely prefer the older Jon. And I'd never have married me!"

Still, at 38, he has achieved something few other celebs have done - he's happily married to his childhood sweetheart Dorothea.

The singer turned actor, whose band Bon Jovi have sold more than 80 million albums worldwide, met his wife 20 years ago. He says:

"We've been married 11 years. I think the main thing is she has been through all of it with me - it's as if she knows what to expect. I'm very lucky."

They have two kids, daughter Stephanie Rose, seven, and son Jesse James, five.

Jon says: "I talked to Jesse from Tokyo the other night and the next day I spoke to him from London.

"He can't understand what I do. So he said 'You make movies' and I said 'No - I am in a band first'.

"He was only a year old the last time we toured. All the band are bringing their partners and kids to the UK when we play this summer. They want to come to somewhere where they can go shop!

"And I really want Jesse to see what I do. He is a bit upset with me at the moment. On the new album, Crush, I've written a song for my daughter but there isn't one for him.

"It's called I Got The Girl and she loves it. It's also for all the dads who are going to suffer the same fate as me - Daddy's Girl Syndrome.

"She is very young, but I know she'll break my heart some day. I fear she will come home with a backstage pass stuck to her head and a busload of roadies waving goodbye.

"I think she'll do it just to test me. For the moment she is the most beautiful, perfect girl in the world.

"My kids are really into music, although not Bon Jovi! They know all the words to the Foo Fighters and Tom Waites but they've no idea who Britney Spears is."

As well as a successful career in music, Jon is now making his name in Hollywood. He recently enjoyed a role in U-517, the Second World War submarine thriller, alongside Matthew McConaughey.

"I have just got more experience now," says Jon. "I really have learnt to take the blinkers off and look back and enjoy everything we do. Yeah, I even take the shades off these days.

"I don't do anything to combat ageing, my genes are quite good. My parents are in their 60s and still looking young. And it's been a long time since I worried how my hair looks!"