Metal Attack

17 February 1985

Translated from French with Internet translator

    -What will you say- are the interviews very boring? 
    JBJ: They are not boring so far as one of the parts of my job is to present me and speaking about my life. There isn't a doubt there are questions that are repetitive which I fear particularly: how are you trained and how you wrote "Runaway". Then I become insane! But with the most of them, I adore to speak with different people and to tackle subjects relating the group. A conversation does not become interesting if it's a just dialogue between the questioned person and the journalist. I can speak two hours without interruption if I want it but the label does not come to disturb you every five minutes by murmuring: attention, you do not have more than twenty minutes or do not speak about such thing. Under these conditions, there is no more possible interview! I make a music for the young people and I know what I speak! It's not compulsory to hold a language of "old serious people". The image of the "fed up" musician, it's not for me. 
    -Do you have projects for a new album? 
    JBJ: I toured for nine months; this evening is the last date. I will take 3 weeks of rest, during which I will remain at home, then I'll start to record next album. Then I'll go to Mexico in January, then in Japan in February and the USA until Christmas, I'll be very busy. For the new album about fifteen songs are already ready approximately. 
    -What does characterize a great group by you ? 
    JBJ: The sincerity of the heart. 
    -And rock' n' roll in all that; what does it symbolize? Money, the celebrity or beautiful girls? 
    JBJ: All that you have just said! 
    -You seem to suffer much with the females... When I heard "She Don't Know Me" I almost felt pity for you...
    JBJ (laughs): It's the kind of image that I like to have. In this way, the girls will melt and throw themselves on me without I say or do nothing. They will be satisfied that they saved a broken heart. (laughs hysterically)
    - How much albums did you sell? 
    JBJ: 400.000 in the United States and we have gold disc in Japan; in France- not so much. People come to see us, they appreciate what we do (in general) and speak about it to their friends who come in their turn and buy the album; it is a chain. You see, the kid who comes to see us, it's like a discovery for him. Bon Jovi it is Christophe Colomb! (laughs) 
    -Don't you have the impression with USA that a majority of the groups survive only thanks to the press and the articles which appear on them every month? 
    JBJ: Like who? 
    -No names! 
    JBJ: It's true that certain groups enjoy an immoderate support of the specialized press which help them to build a very good public image and propels them without difficulty to the the top. In theory, those never last very long time. Takes example Hanoid Rocks; I ended up buying their last album because I did not stop reading in the press remarkable articles. Even thing for Wasp; I want to listen to them because the press says they must be giant! 
    -Are you afraid of your success? 
    JBJ: Not, at all. The word success does not mean anything for me. I was never impressed by the rock' n' roll stars and all the business around them. Of course, the first time I met one of my idols, I was very impressed, I was 16 years old and I was amazed! And then, I said myself that finally, they did not have anything more than us; since, I saw much, but believe me, it does not impress me more. I try to find which are people whom I meet; I try to discover their qualities and their defects. Success does not frighten me and the "fever of glory" will never be able to affect me! 
    -Which is the key to success according to you? 
    JBJ: The desire, it's a fight against yourself. 
    -Which are your hobbies? 
    JBJ: Oh, the group occupies all my days. My girlfriend of course. 
    - Did the dream Bon Jovi is over now?
    JBJ: No, it continues; I worked too much; it is necessary to persist, the dream remains, I work enough for that!"