Jay Leno show- 24.07.2000

 Jay: Our first guest a huge big time rock star currently on tour with his band and just in from Japan we thought we would talk to him a little bit then his band will perform later welcome my buddy JON BON JOVI. **Jon walking out smiling and shaking jay's hand and hugs him and says thank you Jay** ***They are also showing him walking down some stairs and pointing at the camera as like he is shooting it :) he is also smiling. :) very cute*** Welcome back..

JON: thank you. * some girl in the crowd yelled we love you JON and he smiled and said thank you baby* 

Jay: well its good to see you in some JON BON JOVI clothes cause the last time you were here you had on like a im a mutual fund salesman clothes on. you had the little confirmation suit on..

JON: my movie star look... no I was a movie star now I get to be a slob again uh huh... nobody noticed it was a nicker suit my mother had bought me. *laughing* 

Jay: Now you just came in from Japan are you jetlagged?

JON: ohh im a mess cause its 16 hours ahead its 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and not 1130 at night right now im mean im a mess. im mean im a mess. I am soo tired waking up in this hotel at 2 in the morning going *he opens his eyes real wide* looking around, ohh go back to bed.. and you cant go back to bed. and if I watch any more CNN.. laughing like it was killing him and it doesn't change every 30 minutes its the same thing. yea I know its tough jet lag is a mess. 

Jay: now how are Japanese audiences, is it different is it the same I mean...

JON: it used to be allot more extreme you know where the girls would come dressed up in the kimonos and now its a lot more westernized. but there are some distinct differences and I was explaining that in a baseball stadium cause we just came back from 5 baseball stadiums. row by row is how they leave and you don't leave until the row in front of you is completely gone and you pick up your trash and they say OK Row X.. you try that in New York you know.. laughing. you pick up your trash clean up your area, row x, row y, row z, and that's how they go out so once in a while I sit back there and you look out and go woah say an hour and a half later they are still leaving. laughing they are very orderly. 

Jay: You pick up your trash *talking about new York* it seems by the very nature of rock n roll there should be *he yells* should be very rebellious *yells again* and then sit back and be quiet again.

JON: exactly what happens they *scream* then sit down again silence and it took a while you know I have been there 20 some times now and so at first I was really worried cause the house lights would go out and the place 
would go crazy and then it would be dead silence. they really do.. looking shocked.

Jay: they listen, 

JON: I don't know if they understand what I am saying....

Jay: *interrupting Jon* I did a show once in Hawaii and it was mostly Japanese that spoke English and the girls would do this *he makes a squeaking noise with his mouth* ** JON laughs** I thought I was dying but they don't 
laugh they *making the squeaking noise again* you hear like squeaks and you are like what is that, is that laughter or what.. 

JON: hahahah yep yep... you have to get used to it. its pretty much that but its a little bolt and then its dead silent they listen to the song they pay attention to everything.

Jay: do they sing along and dance and stuff like that?

JON: yea yea they do but it is in a very orderly fashion. its something to get used to. I really like to bring them all to new York actually juliani is trying to make new York audience be like the Tokyo audience ***laughing*** he 
is a step away from that now.

Jay: so is there anybody single still left in the band?

JON: Tico is.. 

Jay: so how are Japanese groupies.??? 

JON: he told me once that they fold your clothes on the way out.*** laughing*** rumor has it you can get them to clean the room when you are done too.. *** laughing*** but again here is something else that is westernized.. 
***hahahaha*** I love Japan you got to understand I just went to one of the official bath houses in Osaka.. its huge. you get showered and shaved and masseuse 

Jay: oh the bath houses.. they have those here in west Hollywood the bath houses.. 

JON: *** yea laughing*** NOt me...

Jay: there are no annoying women in there either to bug you... OK what is it now are you naked in this bath house?

JON: yea yea *crowd screaming*

Jay: are the women naked?

JON: no and they all look like your grandma to begin with so its an official bath house and your sitting there.. and I got my eyes closed and I am really trying to relax and forget where I am for the moment and even if I had to pretend it was Elle mcphearsan(sorry on the spelling) I had to just deal with it. well first it was just 2 hands then 4 hands and then 6 hands and I was thinking that these little grandmas have gotten just a little bit westernized for my taste they were like ohh nice BUTT and I was like hey hey hey this aint scratch and sniff mom I gotta go. so...

Jay: so how have you been married?

JON 11,5 years *drinking water* 

Jay: you have been married a long time?

JON: 11 and a half years. 

Jay: I guarantee when you go home tonight you slipped a name out you said your wife is gonna go "Elle Mcphearsan" ** Jon Laughing**

JON: from a dead sleep she is gonna wake in new jersey when I get home and see that one eye coming .. *moving one of his eyes back and forth* 

Jay: and she is gonna be like Elle mcphearsan so you had to mentioned ELLE mcphearsan 

JON: yea right... laughing.. there will be a picture of ELLE in the bed and she'll be GONE!!... yea I know im used to it. 

Jay: how was the food.. like what do they sell at the stadium? what do they sell for stadium food in Japan. I mean its not hot dogs its not.

JON: I've been to ball games there and they do have hot dogs and a little squeeze packets of what you think is mustard or ketchup which is always and international argument of which one you should have.. they have both in one they are a very together culture over there they understand exactly what's happening so the baseball games they have peanuts, popcorn, and hot dogs. you know the whole thing but again ...

Jay: what is it that you wanted to ask me .. something about me in the tabloids.

JON: I heard over there about uhh... 

Jay: in Japan?

JON: yea yea yea cause they see the tonight show over there. 

Jay: *always interrupting Jon* I remember an interview with the whoever 60 mins of Japan guy is it is very odd.. but anyway go head..

JON: they were watching it and there was this talk about wahken phoenix *gladiator actor* and I had seen gladiator before I left and that there had been perhaps some word exchanged. the way it came across the translation to me was that you had said something to wahken about being here next time.

Jay: no I had said come back sometime so you can be here in person.

JON: im sure you didn't mean that viciously? *smiling*

Jay: no he was very funny he is an interesting guy.

JON: he's a Great actor...

Jay: well he comes from like left field on things. 

JON: I didn't see the show I had heard about over there.

Jay: no no but it was real nice. so there was ploid about it.

JON: yes yes it was in the international Harold tribune.

Jay: what do you read about yourself in the tabloids? what's the stupidest thing you read?

JON: ohh yea like I have the $3,500 hair cuts now remember that my father was a beautician so the first thing was like you spent how much on a hair cut?!?!?!? *holding up his fist* he wants to smack me upside the head.

Jay: your parents will always believe what's in there.

JON: absolutely. 

Jay: my relatives will call me up and say ohh your dating so and so.. and im like NO im not... 

JON: ohh how many times I heard about Richie and heather and you know you got the cousin or the aunt or the grandma they just swear and you look at them and say this isn't true I'm telling you its not true and they go oh yea sure you just don't want me to know. alright.

Jay: I was in this week for shoes. im in the globe or something and it says I have 6 pairs of shoes and im very fussy about them... im the payless.

JON: you don't get a lot of shoe endorsements under the desk here right there not giving you free shoes.. 

Jay: now you have to go get ready and have to warm up with the guys?

JON: yea the guys are back there..

Jay: Jon bon Jovi everybody...
*Jon shakes his hand again*

*they showed a clip of its my life video when they were going to commercial*
Jay: my next guest are out on tour there here performing a song from their 
new CD CRUSH please welcome BON JOVI...


As they were leaving the stage Richie was the first to go over to leno's chairs so he sat next to jay, tico stood behind Richie, and Jon sat next to Richie and David in-between Hugh and tico and Hugh stood behind Jon.

Jay: Tico tell be about these Japanese girls.

TICO: well they are very polite, very polite. you know they bow. *laughing* that's all I can say.. 

Jay: don't want to get you in too much trouble. they fold the clothes?

Tico: they fold the clothes as they leave sometimes they iron them its amazing. its amazing.

RICHIE: that's what we heard ("")

Jay: you know you might have just picked up the hotel maid. **guys laughing** tico gets embarrassed.. it was sooo cute.maybe there were in there just doing their job.

JON: its been done though.

Jay: now Richie you have had some odd things written about you now... you have a past with the tabloid.

RICHIE: you know I ahh heather and I they have actually been pretty kind to us but remember when the tabloids were like really absurd like about 10 years ago.. it was written that I had a 2 headed love child from mars with cher or something. *someone in crowd yells go Richie*

David: there he is.. laughing. :)

Jay: and he is here tonight

Richie: he's up in the audience over there. laughing

David: looking good both of ya.. ;) still goofing off.

Jay: heather is good the baby is good.

Richie: very good thank you for asking... its a good thing.

Jay: I know.

Jay: well listen guys good luck on the tour. this is the CD right here.. Crush.. is the CD BON JOVI .... will be right back ladies and gentlemen.

BON JOVI: thank you.. thank you very much.. thanx.. :)