Jay Leno show- 4-18-2000

JAY: Staring in the movie U-571 JON BON JOVI..!!!!
Jay: Welcome back.. actor/rocker JON BON JOVI is on his way out...Alright my first guest big time rock star and currently staring in the new movie U-571 it opens Friday and this is a great film this a really good one... its a good one.. guys you can go see this one and its not a romantic movie, you'll have a great time. Pleas welcome JON BON JOVI.
(them hugging and shaking hands and Jon smiling like crazy... he looks great)
JAY: Welcome back.
JON: Thank you Jay. I hear the band playing and I automatically started warming up back there. (laughing) sitting down as and actor this is nice.. (sitting there grinning)
JAY: This is your first time not performing huh?
JON: It is... I immediately wanted to jump out there and grab the microphone... but nooo im an ACTOR now... (grinning) and (laughing).
JAY: that's right. and you still got your uh.. army regulation haircut
JON: Yes as you can see I am absolutely W.W.II Navy.
JAY: Now let me ask you did you come out here in that plane of yours.. did you do that whole plane thing again.
JON: Listen Jay, now if the audience will appreciate the idea.. Jay used to pick on us for our airplane because his cars were stored at a hanger at an airport, but last time we were here one of those billion dollar cars of
yours broke down and my roadies almost gave you a ride home because I remember this story and this is true..
JAY: Well that's alright..
JON: And as I came by your parking place I noticed and old pickup truck out there now.. is that yours.
JAY: Lifes been ruff hey.
JON: Toyota.. its good.. (laughing)
JAY: Hey did you see the market this week. hey what do you want...
JAY: Now let me think how long.. how a.. how long has bon jovi been together now?
JON: Its been 17 years. (crowd screaming)
JAY: You and your wife has been to gether almost as long as me and my wife. How long have you guys been together?
JON: 20 years- its long time...
JAY: Well yea that is a long time that's cool.
JON: Well went to high school together.
JAY: And she finished...
JON: (laughing) yea thanks to her I got out of high school.
JAY: Were you in the same....uh...
JON: Same class, same history class that whole thing.
JAY: Is that right..
JON: Well I just held on with both hands and kept running....
JAY: That's cool.. Now did her parents just HATE you....
JAY: Were they just like what and idiot...
JON: Ohhhhh man (shaking his head)...the long hair, the sunglasses, im gonna be a rock and roll star and they were like (lookingup) lord what have I done wrong.
JAY: Like was it..did like chase you away and all that...
JON: Her dad was pretty good to me actually.. it was more like her aunts and uncles even through my first couple albums they were like when you gonna get a job.
JAY: Did you have to sneak around and that....
JON: No no no... I gotta say her dad was alright.
JAY: He was ok.?.
JON: Yea he was alright her mom too I was actually lucky..
JAY: Well is it fun to rub it in now..
JON: Ohh absolutely.... (hahaha)
JAY: Isn't your wife like a karate expert?
JON: Yea see that's another reason I stay in line.. (giggling) she's a 3rd degree black belt she is a teacher and has her own dojo.
JAY: That's right but you dont know.. you just know the (waving his hands) rock star moves...
JON: I know how to run.. im really good at running.. I do my Elvis thing.. "look over there" and then take off. (laughing) yea I stay out of her way.
JAY: The kids are cool did they come to the premier?
JON: No na no na no.. I dont think they could handle this kinda movie.
JAY: Is this too intense?
JON: Yea my son is 5 and my daughter is 7 now so uh.. you know until im co-staring with like pokeman or something.. they dont get Harvey yet. you know.. its interesting my kids.. they uh.. they look at me now and dont really know what I do for living.. so now they are even more confused. and they are like dad what are you doing "movies" "music" why dont you go to work like the rest of the dads.
JAY: Now is this movie about as close to as being in the army that you ever come? What I mean is in the military....with the advisors and stuff.
JON: THE NAVY, NAVY .. the military well every 18 year old kid gets that phone call. from the recuting offices.. and they say son what are you gonna do when you get out of high school? I was silly enough to say im gonna be a
Rock N Roll star yaknow and I didn't like the outfits or the haircuts. but um my mother and my father were marines.
JAY: your mother was a marine ... your mother wore combat boots?? (laughing) with Jon...I didn't think they had female marines.
JON: Yea this was in like what 1960... yea 1960 my mother and father met in the marine Corp.
JAY: wow that's tough dating wow..
JON: Yea tough gig. she didn't like go out.. well I cant imagine my mother like doing that..she was the poster girl on the marine Corp. (looking at camera and pointing) you know the I want you kinda. thing.. I dont think she
was out in the field too much.. my dad was smart enough to latch on. ;)
JAY: Did they tried to get you into the marine Corp. did they think that would straighten you out.
JON: Na they tried catholic school... and that didn't work.. sooo.. :))) and that didn't work real well either... but uh.. na na na .. they never really pushed that too hard.. thank good ness..
JAY: When you did this movie.. did you haveto.. meet with sortof army navy technical advisors and stand up straight and have to get the hair cut .. was that the hardest part getting the hair cut..
JON: No... I didn't mind.. I actually jokingly said to John Mostow throughout the audition process.. im waiting for the crew cut.. I want the crew cut.. but..what happen was umm.. theres not allot of research you could
do cause theres not a lot of u-boats you can visit.. theres one in a museum in Chicago theres a tourist attraction in sanfransisco of an S-boat.. but we had and honest to god rear admiral teach us as officers .. what to do what
to say... and how to say it.. cause if you think about it..your talking about gages and dials as a W.W.II officer its in an essence Latin to me.. and your always using your imagination until you got over to the set. in Rome and walked on to these scale submarines they were built to scale we had both an s-boat and and u boat and when you put those uniforms on you really wanted to pay omige to the guys that wore those uniforms. and all the guys that served..
JAY: But didn't I read this.. maybe you told me this last time you were here.. I think you told me you were claustrophobic.
JON: I am... the irony imagine I got this phone call... and this is the first big movie I have done.. I have done 7 and just completed my 8th and im very excited about the whole acting process... but the irony was that john
mostow calls up an says good news and bad news.. your in the movie.. and I looked up to the heavens and say great I have to go into a submarine now..and the truth is that I never was... but all those years of getting on
an elevator with the 5 guys in the band security, road manager and everybody's got a bag.. the keyboard player has been right in my ear like this (holding hand to his head) for 17 years and I go you know my mothers claustrophobic...you know my mothers claustrophobic..so overtime I get into and elevator im like lord let me out of here... (and shaking his hands at his side) were on this set. wild story but true.. the exterior was built and were in the water tank in that scene were going invade the U-boat and a Matt M. and I are in this metal box about 3 ft high 4 ft wide and 5 feet deep and its leaking water because of the rain is pouring down and Jonathan mostow is 500 yards away. and the crew know im a little up tight so they stuck a light down in there as the waters leaking the cameras are rolling and right be fore action a fire breaks out and honest to god electrical fire.. flames not sparks flames.. on this poor italian extra who was supposed to go up the ladder first I took him like superman and through him out the hole real quick. jumped out the ladder and I dont know if Matt (sorry cant spell his last name) was being to cool to himself or if he figured hey if I die here my career is gonna be ok im gonna be a big star cause I died on the set.. im reaching in for this guy screaming and im yelling CUT CUT CUT.. and Harvey was up there getting wet and as you knowhe was here last night talking about the film and he says listen bon jovi either get back in the box or I have to come here tomorrow and do this again.. what do you want to deal with.. so I got back in the box he cured me... I was saved from then on the bad lieutenant saved me.. and I was thinking I dont have to worry about this again.. ( laughing)
JAY: Well we have a clip... your a group of Americans who take over a German sub.
JON: Yes.
JAY: You were sent to the German sub in order to...
JON: That's correct this is a test dive.. the first test dive where uh.. Bill Paxton is taking us down and he is barking at me the commands and as the dive the officer it is my job to tell Harvey what to do.
JAY: Well its a terrific film it opens up what FRIDAY?
JAY: I think it will be ... I think it will do great. if you like private Ryan and you like those kind of movies...
JON: But this is kinda group. one more thing this is for all those guys that got dragged to like moonlight and valentino they said this is a chick flick now this is a guy flick that your girls gonna walk out on. I dug it.. they were gonna call it HUNKS at sea...
JAY: My wife loved it.... HUNKS at sea (laughing)..
JAY: JON BON JOVI... ladies and gentlemen.. :) Well be right back...