Superstition is a funny thing. Some performers have certain rituals they go through before they take the stage. Some athletes go through a quirky set of behaviors before they can take the field before a big game... BON JOVI has its rituals as well. Religiously, each day, when work begins in the recording studio, the movie AMERICAN GRAFFITI must be playing in the VCR. It plays all day, every day; rewinding when it's done and starting from the beginning again. 6, 7, 8 times a day, AMERICAN GRAFITTI must be on. Especially MILNER.
    If you know the movie, JOHN MILNER (portrayed by actor PAUL LE MAT)is the coolest of the cool, driving around in the yellow deuce coup. MILNER is a God as far as the band is concerned and serves as inspiration. MILNER stands for everything that is COOL. His spirit is looking after our boys in the studio. So what would happen if MILNER actually showed up in the studio?
    Unbeknownst to JON, his inner circle contacted the actor (PAUL LE MAT)and, after convincing him they were not crazy, flew him in to suprise Jon. Everyone was in on the suprise: the band members, Jon's engineer (Obie), management, friends family members... some even showed up in the studio yesterday wearing Milner's "uniform" (dark blue jeans, black boots, white t-shirt with a pack of Camel cigarettes rolled up under the sleeve. And still Jon had no idea. Finally, after listening to a guitar part several times, someone said it was missing a certain something... that it "needed more Milner"... it was missing something. Suddenly, from the back room, out comes Paul Le Mat who announces "Well, I'm here; what do you need?"
    Jon's jaw DROPPED to the floor; he was absolutely SHOCKED to see MILNER in the studio! And just as shocked to know so many people had managed to keep the secret and suprise him like that. Dazed, confused, mesmerized, thrilled... MILNER was in the studio!!!
    HUGE day in the recording studio... MILNER hung out with the band, took pictures, signed the American Graffiti posted hanging on the wall, talked about American Graffiti... it was beyond cool.
    Do yourself a favor... rent American Graffiti. 'Cause Paul Le Mat (currently in THE OUTFITTERS which is available on home video)is a real nice guy and a real good sport... and MILNER is the man.