Jon Bon Jovi - completely personally-HIT-1993

American football
For me, there is only one team: that was New York Giants and I has thousands of their things: T-shirts, caps, jackets, and of course the obligatory scarf. And I love to go to the stadium to see them playing. With me are my wife, Emilio Estevez, my father and some of my friends. By such trips I brought to the car picnic-tables, wearable TV, radio and many meals. Then we look for a beautiful parking place nearby the stadium, looks at the nonsense, that they always bring before a game and grill. If the players heat up themselves, we storm to our places. 
For me, there is only one woman: Dorothea. I would marry her again and again. She can get back me on the ground (to the reality) again. If it must be rather unceremoniously. She belongs to the few people , who really tell me the truth. I declare my love to her through my songs. Doro knows exactly, which songs are certain for her. Furthermore she has a wonderful sense for humor, she needs probably, since she lives together with me. 
I believe, there is a big difference between a hit and a song, that I think is good. It is important for me immensely, to write about something, in which I believe. To go on the stage and to sing idiocy, I can't do that. And I have good luck while most of my friends never had a hit. 
Fast cars
I have a Ferrari, two Corvetteses, a few jeeps and some Harleys, that I can nearly never drive unfortunately. I have no time. If you want to buy an used car, buy it from me. They hardly have a mile on the speedometer. The band had a mania until recently: We gave ourselves cars. I have bought Richie Sambora a Mercedes, my Road-Manager received a BMW and my parents a Daimler. It is cool, to can tell the salesman into a store: I take two of this model and three of
My life with the family was always extremely jovial - and I am grateful to my parents until today for it. My father was an Italian barber and my mother had a little flower shop. I owe she everything, because she gave me my first guitar as I was seven. Indeed I payed no attention on it. First when I was 13, I picked out the good piece from the cellar again. It is unbelievable maybe, but I have never rebelled against my parents. As I appeared with 16 in bars for the first time, my parents showed full understanding. 
Mr. Normalo
A while, we all have really gone crazy and have bought crazy things: Houses, cars, women. Today, we have set aside our star behavior again. I am still no materialist. On tour, I live with a small suitcase. I always have my own stereo with me and two pairs of jeans. And if I come home again and open my wardrobe, I am pleased quite awfully about the new shirt, that hangs there. Until I realize, that I have bought myself it before four years. 
Obviously I have finished the High school. No one wants to die stupid. However when I heard the bell for the last time, I was the first, that has run from the school-building. And I swear you, after it, I have never put down a foot into such an institution. 
The first time
It is embarrassing for me. But I was a little early, I was 13. But I have turned the step to become a man. I found it cool. It happened at home incidentally, in my bed.