Translated from German

Gala- 08.2007

Smell Team- Rockstar JON BON JOVI works with the designer KENNETH COLE for one good purpose together

Fashion and parfume for a good purpose? Why not. Jon Bon Jovi cut off his curls already some time ago and developed ever more from the Rocker to the activists. In the meantime he supports various humanitarian organizations and impresses with his generosity: After hurricane Katrina  he presented Oprah Whinfrey a check for one million dollar for the disaster victims. Bon Jovi created even own charity foundation- Philadelphia Soul Charity Foundation - designated after the football crew, which belongs to him. Now he worked together with designer Kenneth Cole, in order to help homeless people. With the new perfume "R.S.V.P." and cool jackets with the label of Kenneth Cole the two want to show that one was able to look good and besides still work for improve the world.

How is developed your cooperation?

JON BON JOVI: We have mutual friends and both are engaged in charity events. We both constantly are very active. And we considered whether we cannot do it together

KENNETH COLE: Together larger goals can be achieved than alone. I was always a fan of Jon. He is a big musician and a Sex symbol in addition. It offered itself to be combined in a product.

Mr. Cole, in advertising campaigns for your lines often neither your fashion nor you can be seen. Often even social critical statements, black on white are printed. Does it sell itself that well?

COLE: I dont want to be seen only as a cliché and sell clothes only as a designer.

BON JOVI: And I am not only musician. But we can attract attention on certain topics with our popularity. We live in a world, which demands us all.

Others act quite differently. They expose their own persons directly on the market and undress... (both laugh)

BON JOVI: Yes. Kenneth, why you do not take your clothes off?

COLE: I estimate my private life. I would like to reach humans on a deeper level by provoking them and make them think. Therefore I will keep my clothes on and provoke rather differently (laughs)

Their new perfume is called "R.S.V.P." ("repondez s'il vous plait"- answers, please), Bon Jovi recruits for it. Do you feel well as Model, Jon?

BON JOVI: As a musician I am used to stay before the camera and my hair made wars. Peter Lindberg is a marvelous photographer. It makes fun, if all pull on the same strand and become clear that a message is there.

COLE: One wants to improve the world immediately, if one sprays it! (laugh} It smells really well, man. The bottle is simple: brown glass in a small wooden box.

Why did you concentrate on homelessness as problem?

BON JOVI: In Philadelphia I saw homeless man one night before the city hall. In Philadelphia where the USA and our constitution are established, I found, the things did not fit well. To the end of the past year we built 49 houses.

Mr. Cole, beside it bon Jovi jackets, which are 580 euros, are selling over your web page.

COLE: Correctly, and incomes 100 % goes to “Help uSA" foundation.

BON JOVI: The jackets are sexy, Rock 'n' Roll! It speaks nothing against it when supports good purposes.