In the fire of action- Metal Attack- France- 1985

“7800 Fahrenheit” is certified gold in Japan three days after its release. No doubt, it’s good for Bon Jovi! But has this success changed Jon or he remains a cool and happy guy after his dream became true?

1130. I stop my Honda in front of the Warwick hotel with at least 120 decibels. The door keeper of this expensive four stars hotel isn’t confused by my Mad Max of the suburbs look and leads me into the elegant hall full of businessmen from all over the world. Sitting in the armchair, I have nothing to do except to wait for the arrival of Jon Bon Jovi that released his first album in 1984. For a moment I wonder how to carry out this interview. On the one hand, the first Bon Jovi album is one of my favorite albums without any doubt, I liked the concert when they opened for Kiss and I think Jon himself is absolutely nice. But on the other hand, I am disappointed a little by “7800 Fahrenheit”. In short, I am still thinking when the elevator opens and Bon Jovi himself appears with torn jeans, a pair of Carrera glasses and a beautiful face with angel smile.

After five minutes of discussion, we sit down each in front of a glass of… lemonade and we are ready to begin. This guy is so cool and obviously happy to carry out his dream that even if he were a real devil it would be hard to believe it. Taking advantage of making the first interview of the European tour, I ask Jon a question which he will hear thousand times in the following weeks: about preparations and making of this so awaited second album.

“Are you remember, the tour with Kiss finished in Paris in November? We returned home and rehearse the new material till mid December, when someone stole all our instruments. We had to stop. Two weeks later, after borrowing instruments we entered the studio! Three months later, the others took rest while I continued with mixing and remixing with Lance Quinn. Two days after the end of the mixing we made Only Lonely video in New Jersey, then went to Japanese tour. After this tour I returned home to give my dirty linen to my mother (laughs), I went for a round with my car and jumped on the plane to arrive here yesterday morning!”

Who said that the rock 'n' roll stars life was easy?

I havent finished yet! Yesterday afternoon I took the plane again to make a TV show in Germany. I returned this night. I have problems with the time difference. I have unstoppable tearing from the eyes after long flying with airplane, but here I am! And this evening I start the European tour!

“Bon Jovi returned with energy, that is seen from the title of the album: 78000 Fahrenheit, it is the temperature of a volcano in eruption. You see, I am ready to explode! (laughs) This album enormously featured my life from last year. It is a little diary of the world tour. Tokyo Road is a way of saying thank you to Japan for the support. “The Hardest Part is the Night is autobiographical. Its in connection with my return home after the tour with Kiss: I have realized that the first page is written… The first album, the first tour… I thought again about everything and remembered the time when I swept the studio in New York for 50 $ per week! King of the Mountain” is inspired with the European kids. You see, in Japan, the public is super but it takes you as a god, its Beatles mania! In States, people are fed up. While here the kids work hard to come to see you, so I want really to say them something. And I want to say them: “Don’t lose courage, don’t give up. If they want to be a rock 'n' roll star, a doctor, a writer, they can do it!”

As I don’t like to flatter the groups I interview, I explain to Jon that I think this album is more traditional than the first.

“I believe that this album is more adult. I grew much in one year! I always like my first album, but I think this one is much better: songs, composion, production, everything is in progress. In any case no one can say that the album is made for radio stations to like it.”

What memories do you keep of this Japanese tour?

Japan is unbelievable. Moreover, our sells are biggest there. After last year with MSG, Whitesnake and others, we decide this time to make ten dates. The album became gold in three days. It is cool!”

After Bon Jovi finishes to speak about the new album, its time to change subject. But for the moment, Jon takes Metal Attack, attracted by the advertisement of Lee Aaron poster and asks me the question:

I never heard Lee Aaron and I saw only one small photograph in Kerrang! Where is this poster?

The poster is already on my wall!

“Oh, I will have to wait!”

What makes you to work without rest?

Jon shows me his torn jeans: “If I wanted I could buy a new jeans to me! (laughs) You know, I dont have much money! The success is great! But I must continue to work because, if I dont, some day a kid will grab me on the shoulder and will say to me: “My group is better than yours, make me place! (laughs)

Do you like Little Steven’s music with its patriotism?

Steven becomes a little political. But hes my idol. I listen to all that he says. I advise the people to buy his albums before mine! In any case, when you are far from home, you become patriotic and you are glad to return, because Big Mac isn’t the same in Paris as in New York! (laughs)

What do you like apart from the rock 'n' roll?

“I like cinema, I look video especially because I dont have a time to go there. Action movies, adventures especially. In my room I looked at a French actor… (after fifteen minutes of discussion I find that its Belmondo!) I have Datsun 260 Z which is great. But I will sell it, I haven’t time to see it!

Where do you live?

Jon is on the point to buy a house but he doesn’t know what it would be. “I give the money to my parents and they’ll choose! For the moment my mother send to me photos of the kitchen and WC! (laughs).

How do you feel as a sex symbol?

Stop! Is it me! I dont believe it!

What do you have in your pockets?

Jon examines and laughs: “Nothing!

What do you want to say to your French fans?

“I am very glad to begin the tour here because I have good memories. I want the album to go well and to return next year here and you interview me again!