France Soir

 May 30 2000

Translated from French with Internet translator

    Naples, In front of the luxury hotel where is Jon Bon Joviís suite young girls from Naples heavily made up and dressed up like bimbos, wait since hours with hope for a photograph or an autograph of their idol, singer of rock'n'roll band Bon Jovi. On the 5th floor, in the suite with view to the sea the good-looking young man from the New Jersey, who sold 80 mln. albums in the world, with sunglasses on the nose and a glass of water in the hand, smiles. He visits Naples to promote CRUSH, hiss new album. Jon Bon Jovi jokes and complains that finds the city ugly. "Is Capri far from here?" he asks. I hardly have time to answer because to a few meters from here his crew recalls me carefully that the interview will last 20 minutes and no minute more.

France Soir: Is always such hysteria when you came in a country?

JBJ: Not, generally it is worse (laugha) One day, in Australia, when I left my hotel, there was a girl who straightforwardly threw herself under the starting car. I believed for a moment that she had been crushed. Fortunately she was well. I stopped. I signed her an autograph and embraced her. She was content. It was cool!!

France Soir: Cool? Don't all that frighten you?

JBJ: On the contrary, that amuses me. It is very pleasant to be recognized and adulated in the whole world, to see thousands of people moving with your concerts. When I hear singers to declare that itís the hell, that they cannot come out any more, I want to say to them: "Change a job, men! "

France Soir: Which is the secrecy of your success?

JBJ: To makes great albums and to have a great bÖ (laughs)!

France Soir: Your answer confirms what some people say- that Bon Jovi is a group for the girls?

JBJ: They are right (laughts) I prefer to see young chicks with large tits on my concerts then men! Itís more pleasant!

France Soir: Some people call you the good-looking young man from New Jersey who became a legend for that. Does that mean that a pop star has to conquer many girlsí hearts?

JBJ: Of course itís true, rock'n'roll star was always a very sexual job. The guitar heroes, even the ugliest, can attract more girls then a good-looking young man who works in a factory. When you are on stage the public dream up on you, there is a very sensual relationship with people. They should be allured, you have to show them that they are the most significant people in the world.

France Soir: Currently, the techno is the music in vogue. Is rock'n'roll finally gone?

JBJ: Not. Look at the current groups. The majority of them sing rock'n'roll, blues and even country. All said for years that rock'n'roll is dead, and yet there are always The Stones, Bowie. Rock'n'roll has a future. Today there are many interesting techno groups, but I will not myself play it, I donít like to dance.

France Soir: You took parts in movies even with Gwyneth Paltrow. Do you interest in a career in movies?

JBJ: I adore the movies but I know very little about them, I have some friends actors like Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Woopi Golberg, but I have the impression that itís not easy to be accepted when one does not come from this family. To become an actor possibly would amuse me, but when I heard Bjork to say that the experiment with Lars von Triers was a catastrophe, I thought. No matter how much Iíll suffer during a few months if I can receive an award in  CanesÖ Iíll agree. (laughts)