Enfer Magazine
December 19, 1984

Translated from French with Internet translator

The female staff of Enfer Magazine is in full effervescence. Jon Bon Jovi is downtown and even the arrival of David Lee Roth had not caused more excitation. I have finally to choose among our beauties which will approach him.
"He is even more beautiful than on the photographs " sighs Tanya (the happy one elected) leaning on bar and absorbing the American with her eyes while he listens abstracted remarks of his fellow who obviously has problems with the language of Shakespeare. Bon Jovi is beautiful indeed but my purpose is not to tell you how beautiful he is but rather to tell you about our conversation. 
ONE THE ROAD: We have been on the road for nine months and the concert of this evening will enclose what was for us a great tour and a real pleasure. Principal goal of this tour was to introduce us to the public of Europe and Japan. 
ONE THE ROAD AGAIN: When I go on stage I forget my tiredness and a new energy invades me. Bon Jovi is first of all " Live Band " and we intensely seek the contact with the public during the show. There is nothing unique in our life, it is an eternal restarting: bus, hotel, interview, two or three hours of sleep, sound-check, concert and bus again. There is nothing mythical in all that, offstage, onstage, backstage, we are only musicians. 
Bon JOVI: We are a family, a gang, roadies with the manager, we all are friends. Yesterday I was tired and Richie (the guitarist) undertook to give the interviews, but the journalists protested, they wanted to deal with me and I have to explain that Richie or I- it was the same thing. The group is called Bon Jovi and not Jon Bon Jovi. 
ROCK STAR: I am not a "Rock Star", I am only a musician who makes his trade. A rock star would have been pointed in front of you with a preconceived show, a series of insanities intended to impress you, people of his label would have granted to you only a few minutes of interview for making you to feel the privilege to be able to approach the idol. I am simply in front of you and I try to answer your questions. 
SONGS: I am completely in my texts. I try to create short stories, pure fictions in fact, which have a real range and to translate my vision of the things. 
RUNAWAY: I am a vagrant, the kind of type which falls in love with a girl at eight o'clock and have to forget her at ten o'clock because I must take again the road. As regards the song " Runaway " itself, I speak there about these people who leave their home to join the large cities and dream of success. They will meet a guy which will say to them: "Sign here and you will be rich " and ultimately they will be made to cross all the lines. This song is only the reflection of certain reality. 
Roulette: This title symbolizes what I regard as my own psychological reality. Perpetual questioning of reality. 
BORN IN THE THE USA: I am in a hurry to return to the USA to be able to vote. The Olympic Games consolidated the Americans in their nationalism, which entirely makes the play of Reagan. Today, people are proud to be Americans and do not feel any more guilty like a few years ago. Little Steven and his album "Voice Of America" expresses my ideal vision of America (vision which has nothing to do with Reagan). 
BORN IN NEW JERSEY: It is my Home. There are many groups that come from over there- Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Little Steven, Frankie and The Knockouts, Cool And The Gang. It is at twenty minutes of New York, which means to live at twenty minutes of the most significant place at the musical level in the world. 
MTV: Thanks to MTV which shows our videos. We are much more popular now. It is a formidable tool. For the " Runaway " and " She don't Know me " I trusted so-called professionals and I am dissatisfied with the result. I have a perfect knowledge of the studios, I know how to produce an album but not have the knowledge necessary to the development of a clip; I have to give me to third people. From now on I would have more control on that matter. 
MESSAGE: I am 22 years old kid which is addressed to kids and my message even if it is not as ambitious as those of Little Steven or of U2 is the following: rely on you. In the next album which will come out in February there is song called "King Of The Mountain" and who approximately say this: if I can do that, you also can do it. You want to be a singer in a rock' n' roll band or president of the USA, if you want it, you can it!!