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El Norte-12.01.2001 

Jon Bon Jovi attracted the attention of the villagers during the first day of filming of 'Vampires: Los Muertos' in Acapulco,Mexico.

In the first day of filming of Vampires: The Deads, of which is main character, Jon Bon Jovi captured the looks of more than 150 villagers that expected any movement that the American star made.

The leader of the band that takes his name was identifiable for his half riotous blond hair, his inseparable boots colour honey, a mixture pant that gave the impression of having been used during a lot of time, a sneaker and a black jacket (?) with his name embroidery in red letters in the front part. 

In spite of the fact that in several occasions he repeated the filming of some scenes and that the semblance was serious, the artist was shown friendly and smiling with his admirers, especially when some was brought near to request an autograph, he even allowed them to take pictures with him.  

"I like Mexico a lot, its exciting to be here, I feel very well in this place", Jon said when a girl admitted she admired him. The rocker even huged his fan when posed for the picture of the memory. 

The first day as hunter of vampires 

Last Monday, with a cold, cloudy climate and some wind, Jon began with its mission of exterminating the vampires during the filming of Vampires: The Deads that took place in a small square in front of the main church of the town whose number of inhabitants don't overcome the 15 thousand.  

According to members of the production, the part of the script that is shooting in the moment coincides with the beginning of the history, when the Mexican actor's Diego Luna character lives inexplicable situations and he requests Jon for helps him, because apparently he is an expert in the eradication of vampires. 

Since this it is the first time that Acapulco welcomes to a film production, the filming lapsed in the face of the admiration of the inhabitants who didn't give credit when seeing the rocker neither so much people gathered with cameras, lamps, handbags, notebooks, slates and a long boom, with other elements that the staff use.  

The security that surrounded filming was not too strict, probably because nobody of the production imagined that they would be identified by the onlookers.  

The first day of filming finished in the dimness when the character of Luna desperate screamed: "God, who's gonna help me?"


Location: Acapulco, Mexico 

Number of elements in the production: more than 100. 

Total of extras: 16, men and women. 

Required animals: A donkey. 

Utility foods used during the filming: A couple of packages of toasts, onions to roast and tomatoes. 

Used objects: some wooden boxes, coal, diluters to give the impression of it had finished raining 

Schedule of work: of 6:00 o'clock at the 20:00 hours, approximately. 

Next location: Morelos 

Lodging: Four completely equipped camps.  


El Norte- 17.01.2001

Bon Jovi films in Coyoacin

Federal District, Mexico- The singer Jon Bon Jovi continues with the shooting of the Vampires: The Deads in the City of Mexico, to the streets of the Coyoacin colony from Tuesday night. The author of Bed of Roses arrived at the streets of the colony and interrupted the dream of the inhabitants of the condominium President Miguel German, because the corridors and windows were filled with people that loved to see him and to dream about the film. Two adolescents- age 12 and 14, ventured to request him, in English, for a photo, the bodyguard denied but Bon Jovi, who was near the young people allowed the step and fulfilled the dream of Thalia Arevalo and Daniela Dominique. "I cannot believe it, I took the photo with Bon Jovi, he is handsome, he has incredible eyes", Thalia said while jumped and shouted.