Dave Sabo about Jon in Metal Sludge

Metal Sludge has done a 20 questions with Dave Sabo (Snake) from Skid Row and he said about Jon and Bon Jovi:

6. Rumor has it Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora had owned the publishing off the first Skid Row record. After its huge success there was obviously a good amount of money made. Jon & Richie had already stacked their bank accounts pretty well due to their own sales. After this was made somewhat public knowledge rumor was that Slash from GNR said something to Richie that prompted him to give back his share of the money to the band (you guys, Skid Row). However Jon didn't do the same after Baz pulled his shit. Is this true, please elaborate?
Dave Sabo: I know Rich felt uncomfortable about the money he made off of our 1st album but the money was never given back to us, that I am sure of. But, as far as that whole thing goes, we basically signed a shitty deal, but we all signed it, and contrary to what anyone might say, we all knew what we were doing. It's just that when success hit, we realized how much we had given up and it was quite a bit. But, we still made a pretty penny ourselves.

7. Another rumor, there was a very ugly backstage incident involving Jon, Sebastian & security guards. What is the real truth about this. Who said what, who slapped or punched who?
Dave Sabo: What happened was, it was the 2nd to the last night of the tour, and the BonJovi crew were doing the usual end of the tour antics, dumping milk on us, throwing eggs at us while we were onstage, all of it harmless. So, as this is happening, Sebastian announces to the crowd "Jon BonJovi should come up here and get a Piece of ME", and then we went into the song. He didn't say this maliciously at all. He said it in good fun, because we all thought Jon was behind it all. Well, after our set, I'm walking up the ramp of the arena, and I see Jon walking towards me. I start laughing and say to him "man, you really got us, that was awesome!" And walks right past me with this scowl on his face headed right towards Baz. So, I stop and turn around, because I have this bad feeling in me, and I see Baz smiling and going to give Jon a high-five and says, "You guys totally got us," then I see Jon throw a punch at Baz and I'm like "what the fuck is going on?". So Baz throws a punch back at him then a ton of security jumps in and separates the two of them, but as they're heading back to our dressing rooms they're still yelling and screaming at each other and I still don't know why. As it turns out, Jon had nothing to do with any of the end-of-tour- stuff and he thought that Baz called him a pussy on stage when, in fact, Baz was just introing Piece of Me! To this day I defend Baz on this because he did nothing wrong and it was a completely ridiculous incident.

21. Sebastian recently said in an interview that Jon Bon Jovi was "a faggot" and that "he sucks." How is your current relationship with Jon?
Dave Sabo: My relationship with Jon is awesome. We've healed all the old wounds and fessed up to all of our mistakes and put it behind us. We decided friendship is more important than business bullshit. So, now, we don't do business but we are closer than we've ever been. Go figure!

23. Time for Metal Sludge's 20 Questions. We give you a name and you tell us your thoughts.
Dave Sabo: Jon Bon Jovi = Childhood friend, shrewd businessman, great songwriter. I learned and learn so much from him, both good and bad. The most driven individual I have ever met.