TUESDAY MAY 23rd 2000

The latest movie venture of rock star Jon Bon Jovi - submarine epic "U-571" - is currently going down a storm in America. He's also about to embark on a world tour with his band Bon Jovi, but we managed to track him down to shoot the breeze on the blower.

Us: What time did you get up?
Jon : I guess around 8. Usually it's 6:30, but we played in a bar last night. I'm a morning guy, I get up, drink coffee, watch the news, read the paper, work out at 7:15. Every day? I could lie and say I do. Maybe I'd look better.

Us : Where are you right now?
Jon: In my office, in my house, it's in New Jersey. It's actually New J-o-i-s-e-y, but I was trying to be proper for you! It's a godamn mess. I came in here incredibly tired, half hungover, looking for a cigarette. I'm going through my mail.

Us: Who was the first person you spoke to today?
Jon: My friend Doug, who works here. We were talking about last night. You know, "Blah, blah, blah, you guys haven't played together in so long. It was great, the place was packed, the cops were crazy". The usual. Normally it would be one of my kids or the guy I work out with. My wife is smart enough to sleep in a little later.

Us: What are you wearing?
Jon: Not a dirty phone call? Too bad! Big, baggy olive-green handyman pants, they look like something you'd pump gas in. A brown T-shirt. Honest to God, there's no label. You should see me trying to look behind my head. New Balance white sneakers. Grubby.

Us: What's your most recent purchase?
Jon: Lunch yesterday for Richie Sambora and me in some little corner diner in New York. The last of the big spenders? I just don't have time. But here's what I'm doing tomorrow. Something really dumb and extravagant. I'm chartering an aeroplane to run off to Vegas for the day, to see my brother get married. It'll cost me 50 grand.

Us: When was the last time you were drunk?
Jon: last night in the club. We haven't played together in four years and we hate rehearsing, so we tried to do a secret gig, but the word got out and it was mayhem. I drink either vodka or wine. Any kind you got, other than a twist off cap. Last night it was vodka. I have a good head. But no magic hangover cure.

Us:What's the most recent domestic thing you've done?
Jon: Put the coffee pot back in the sink when I was done. Washing, cleaning, ironing? I have people do that for me. But of course I'm capable of ironing a shirt. You just stick it on a hanger, put it in the shower and close the
door. I have, of course ironed a shirt the proper way. And yes, I have burned a shirt.

Us:What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Jon: A cup of coffee, cream and sugar, one spoon. Real coffee, in one of those English presses. It makes a real strong kick-ass cup of coffee. Isn't that what they call it? It's a glass pot, pour the water in, press the middle bit down. The French call it what? A cafetiere? Oh I saw it in England.

Us: When did you last have a snog?
Jon: Does that mean a good f**k? I thought that word was shag. Snog is different? Oh, like making out. Last night with my wife Dorothea. She's a great snog. She's very beautiful and we're very happy. We'll have been married 11 years at midnight tonight. Yeah, by chance my brother's getting married on our anniversary.

Us: When did you last cry?
Jon: I cry in movies, but I can't honestly remember the last time. Men find it much more difficult than women just to let go. But I'm definitely not the stiff upper lip type. I always wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm sentimental. I've even cried in my own movies.

Us:What are you going to do when you hang up?
Jon: Get some lunch. Today is pretty much a day off, other than some people coming to see my new movie. Six people have paid $35,000 to charity, so we're screening it here at the house. And tomorrow, Vegas. It's the tackiest, rottenest, cheapest, cowpunk little town that you could imagine, but it's just fun enough to go for a day.