Internet Chat with Jon-29.05.2003

Question: Who or what is an inspiration to you nowadays?
Answered by JON: Greetings from Germany... too many to name!
Question: Jon are you typing the answers?
JON: YES!!! I'm tied to my computer
Question: Up on stage... can you see our faces or are we just a singing mob?
JON: OH, no... I see everybody. I make eye contact with lots of people.
Question: Is there a place in the world where you haven't been to but wanted to go, and if so where is it?
JON: Yes, Israel and Greece are the 2 places left I want to go - i've been most everywhere else.
Question: Jon, I guess your kids are still in school today, but will your family be joining you in Europe at any time before you come home?
JON: Very hard. They don't come out often. They come out for one week out of an entire year tour and this ain't the week... ;(
Question: JON, what do you feel when you think that there are millions of BON JOVI fans all around the world and to many of them you play a very important part in their lives (like in mine) and you don't even know about them or know that they are there?
JON: I realize the power of music and the influence it has. I've come to understand our position in the music business and certainly don't take it for granted.
Question: My husband and I are going to 6 shows on the summer tour. Do you recognize signs and license plates night after night? And what do you think of fans crazy enough to do this night after night?
JON: Yes I read the signs. They're often moving. Sometimes distracting. Like the one recently which stated that my zipper was down. I almost fell for it.
Question: Would you rather be adored by critics and have a fair weather fan base or a very active, loyal fan base and fair weather critics?
JON: The latter.
Question: Would you rather be adored by critics and have a fair weather fan base or a very active, loyal fan base and fair weather critics?
Answered by americanxs_052903 We make folk music. Music for FOLKS.
Question: What's the first thing you will be doing when this tour is over?
JON: Well, enjoying the night after Giants Stadium... enjoying what's left of the summer. And then we're looking towards the next projects.
Question: Jon, love the music, thanks for appreciating the fans, you guys are the best! My question is you've had an interest in politics in the recent years, would you ever seriously start a political career? I know if I were an American I'd vote for you! Jon for Prez! You're beautiful inside and out!
JON: No, not at this time. My feeling is I'm better suited as a philanthropist than a politician. Why would anyone choose to get into an arena where 50% of the people dislike you before you've said a word?
Question: If you owned an NFL team and could name them anything you wanted, what would they be called? From Gary Butler, England
JON: The NY Giants - and they'd play right where they are NOW!
Question: While on tour, you probably don't have much time for yourself. By the way, thanks to spend part of your free time with us answering our questions. Do you find some time to visit the countries where you singing ? If yes, what kind of visit has your preference ?
JON: Well, probably just go to restaurants and movies. I've seen as many of the sights as I care to see over the years...
Question: Hi Jon. Your voice has developed a deep rich quality as you've gotten 'just a little older'. Has your song writing changed to go along with changes in your voice?
JON: Yeah, I've learned how to write in proper keys for my voice. That came with experience.
Question: Jon, I heard you were a closet country music fan, is that true? Who are your favorite artists?
JON: Not really... but I do like country music and I'm drawn to the lyrics. But lately it's been more the alternative country (Lucinda Williams is a great example..
Question: Jon, how do you think about the music industry now in your career, than when you did starting out?
JON: It's different climate than it was 20 years ago in a number of ways. Bands then had an opportunity to develop a career over the course of several albums. They could break locally or regionally - there wasn't as much pressure to have an instant hit. And there were stylistic differences in radio stations across the country. It was also very important to become an entertainer and not just a product of a great engineer and producer.
Question: Are you drinking coffee as usual?
JON: no - but I wish I were. I'm post-coffee, pre-wine
Question: Dear Jon, would you do that jumping like the boy at Stefan Raab did for the woman that you love ???
JON No. I admired his bravado but questioned his common sense!
Question: With the launch of Apple's music (a legal way to purchase and download music), how do you feel about fan's legally downloading your music?
JON: I love it in THEORY. When I have access to new records, when I can hear new artists uninterrupted, that excites me as a consumer but as an artist, I feel that the industry is concerning itself with commerce and forgetting about artistry. They're more concerned with selling singles when in my opinion the album track will suffer. It may be a return to the 50's when it was all about singles but even then, the fans got a B-side. Don't even get me started on the royalty discussion.
Question: One of the greatest things about Bon Jovi is how you've managed to stay down to earth and human thru all the fame. What are some of the ways that keep you grounded? (Love you guys!)
JON: I'd like to think it's because we're from Jersey. We weren't from NY, London or Los Angeles where we felt the need to keep up with fads and fashions. You get grounded quickly going back home. But also, we've been around long enough to have a been there, done that approach to just about anything we see.
Question: would you like to sing with another artist and cut it as a single , if so with who ?
JON: Numerous... from a songwriting standpoint there are many... Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, Elvis Costello all come to mind. For sheer artistry, it would fun to sing with Tom Petty, Bryan Adams or Norah Jones.. there are a lot of people I'd love to work with like that.
Question: How stress full is your life as a rocks tar nowadays?
JON: More stressful than some, less stressful than others. This still is a great job!
Question: do you have tonight off??
JON: Yes, I have tonight off and I don't have any plans. Any ideas?
JON: I wasn't drawn to anything specifically other than music as a kid but thru my trials at any odd job I held, I made the best of. So I could have been comfortable working in an auto body shop...
Question: What do you think about your current ticket prices?
JON: I'm not too familiar with the scope of ticket pricing today. I know that ours are on the lower end of affordable as we know how tough it is to take a date, park a car, buy a beer and still have something left to line your pockets with.
Question: Would you like to ask anything for your fans?
JON: Go buy albums! Go buy Bounce records!
JON: TIME. It's very difficult to be sitting in a hotel room in Germany watching DVDs... when there's nothing else that I can do today. I'm thousands of miles from home and too tired to go sightseeing.
Question: Hey Jon obviously there are many websites dedicated to Bon Jovi, do you ever visit the message boards and read what people say about you? If so, do we look like a bunch of lunatics? (actually don't answer the last bit). I love you so much and thank you
JON: I often view this site and the official fan club site - those are the only two I've ever seen. I'm that that computer literate...
Question: Hi Jon! If you had to learn a foreign language, which one would it be and why?
JON: Which I could speak Spanish... it's close enough to Italian so I'd get that too. I do regret not having learned more foreign languages.
Question: Where would you like to see the band in 10 yrs time?
JON: Doing what we do now at the level that we do it at. We've achieved quite a bit in 20 years and to be one of the major stadium touring acts in the world is a great privilege.
Question: Which do you prefer the 80's or now?
JON: People make fun of the 80's as a decade because it's FASHIONABLE to but now there are shows that reminisce about the 80's... and yes, everyone did have style issues but like any decade, there were good and bad moments. But, I've finally learned to live in the moment, so I'd say, I like it now.
Question: Can you remember what you spent your first big pay cheque on?
JON: A 1978 Datsun 280 z
Question: Jon, how do you feel about pyrotechnics at concerts after what happened at the Great White show back in February? Do you think they should continue to be used?
JON: Pyrotechnics under the supervision of a licensed pyrotechnician in the proper venues can and will be used by a number of artists. The circumstances that seem to have surrounded the tragedy in Rhode Island were unfortunate.
Question: What DVDs have you been watching?!!
JON: I just finished watching BOWFINGER just now.
Question: Jon, why don't you show us some Jake's picture ? We'd like to meet him!
JON: My children are not photographed publicly. We'd like to keep it that way. Thanks.
Question: Have you any plans to do more live links to the cinema and web like Shepherds Bush?
JON: We're working on stuff...
Question: Please tell us about the box set!
JON: We're working on the box set. As of now, it will be preceded by an acoustic album that will be made up of greatest hits, covers and a couple of new songs. We hope to have it out this fall. Then then box set early next year which will contain three unreleased albums really...
Question: What stage will you be using for the US summer dates?
JON: The one that you're seeing now in Europe.
Question:how do u do to jump like this on stage??? lol. u are in perfect health dear Jon!!
JON: I'm actually in very good health and that's why we invite the fans to be on the stage so they get of a view of what it's like from our perspective. I've never minded too much if fan came out...
Question: did you enjoy the Houston rodeo?
JON: Yes - very much! I didn't know what to expect. I expected it to be that scene from the Blues Brothers where we came out and said 'we're the good old Bon Jovi boys band...' - but we enjoyed it immensely. We'd think about it again...
Question: Hey Jon, what do you think when fans are sitting in front of their computers (in America) during the night just to ask you some questions? Would you do/ have done this for your favorite musician?
JON: We used to listen to Rockline and really look foward to that. This takes it to another level. So, I guess, I dig this.
Question: Do you have traditional things you do before each show, along with the rest of the crew?
JON: In America, I like to sound check. And I like to get to shows about 3 hours before I go on. There are certain rituals. I usually warm up an hour and a half before a show. 30 minutes before a show I usually get dressed and we're usually on time.
Question: I think its great that you keep your kids out of the limelight. Do you find it hard to do at times? Cindy
JON: They don't get the opportunities when invitations come to go to a Disney film premiere... I'll rarely take them to a photo opportunity. We just try to avoid being in that position. So it's not that hard.
Question: During a concert when everyone is singing all the words to all the songs is it difficult for you to sing?
JON: No! They help me remember the right words and I appreciate it.
Question: Jon, what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
JON: Probably wine...
Question: do you think the "under dog" reputation still sticks to the band?
JON: Yeah. I don't think we'll ever lose that. We've had to continue to earn everything we've gotten.
Question: Jon what do you do to relax before and after a show?
JON: Before a show I may just listen to music. After a show, drink.
JON: I haven't seen Richie all day. Dave has plans. Sir Hugh is out buying magazines. Tico's probably on the golf course...
Question: What are your favorite TV shows?
JON: West Wing, Sopranos, Will and Grace...
Question: Is touring different for you now that we had 9/11, sars terrorist attacks?
JON: We went to Northern Ireland, Columbia and Peru... terrorism has been seen abroad longer than I've been making records. I'm very aware of our surroundings and look for our security staff to take precautions regarding the audience more than I'm concerned for myself but I won't let the thought process hinder our activities..
Question: Has your wife gotten used to this life style? I give her my up most respect, I think it would be hard for me to be the wife of a rock star.
JON: I think she's very independent and very confident in who she is and in our relationship. So, that says a lot about her character.
Question: would like to know if you have plans to do another solo album in the future?
JON: I imagine that that day will come but there are no plans in he immediate future as this acoustic album, box set and movie plans will keep me busy for at least the next few years...
Question: Jon, are you making a movie in the end of the tour?
JON: My commitments to the tour and future band projects have taken much of my time but I'm hoping to act in movies next year and work on the film I collaborated on...
Question: is fashion important to you or is there someone who tells you what to wear at the moment?
JON: No, if anything, I'd think it's pretty obvious, we dress ourselves. I wear what I like. I wear what I'm comfortable in, especially when I have to run around on stage and play a guitar in it... and what I wear on stage is always gonna be flashier than what I'd wear to the gym or to the store.
Question: Have you ever written songs for your children?
JON: yes. I Got The Girl was written about my daughter
Question: Hey Jon, Greetings from Monmouth County!
JON: Ah... home.
Question: You said you were really bad with technology!! How are you managing this because I can only just manage?!
JON: It's not easy for me either. I have lots of help
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Question: Jon, I must say that I've really enjoyed your music for the past 20 years. Is the band putting an age limit on when you will call it quits?
JON: No we don't think like that. AS long as we're still having fun, we keep going. As for age, look at the Rolling Stones. When they call it quits, we'll know what the bar is but... no, no age limit planned.
JON: It's hard to say. I never saw the play CHICAGO but the movie was wonderful. I could be Billy Flynn! I loved every minute of AIDA. It would have to be the right show... though there is the redundancy of singing the same songs, performing the same thing, 8 shows a week - it's not unlike touring.
Question: Hi Jon, do you see covering a song as a challenge. To give it the Bon Jovi sound...
JON: Not really... we're not gonna cover something we don't like or don't think we can do justice to. This band is like a walking jukebox... and we like the challenge sometimes.
Question: When you're on a tour, which is your favorite part of it?
JON: No question it's the time on stage. Everything else is what makes touring such a job. All the time in cars and planes and in hotels, like now, is what is so draining. But that time on stage is absolutely what you live for.
Question: Your songwriting skills are so superior to anyone out there, how long does it take for you to put a song together?
JON: Sometimes it can be really quick and sometimes it takes a while. And sometimes it changes forms so much. Every song is different in its own right
Question: Do you know all the lyrics by heart or do you have to look them up? If, for example, I asked you to play 'Come Back' (from your debut album), could you do it right now or would you have to check the lyrics, notes?
JON: oh, no... I have a book of lyrics just off stage. We have so many songs that we recorded that there were some we found probably for the box set that even I don't recall... I'd have to have a cheat sheet on some older stuff probably
Question: Jon, coffee break??????????
JON: No, no... wine my dear
Question: Hello Jon! Do you still remember what you did on September 11 or where you have been when you noticed what happened?
JON: Absolutely. Like everyone else I don't think I'll ever forget where I was at that moment. It's like when Kennedy was shot or the Challenger exploded... that moment's one that's frozen in time. I was at home in New Jersey working out. Richie was staying with me. We were beginning to write music for what became this album... and my wife turned on the TV so we could see the news... and then I had to wake Richie up. He was asleep in NJ. His wife and daughter were in LA and the phone lines weren't working... I watched the towers come down on television and then Richie and I went to the beach near my home where you can see the city in the distance and we watched the smoke... the smoked wafted over my neighborhood. My town lost the most people.... It's not something I'll ever forget.
Question: Before you go on stage how do you feel? Are you nervous or exited or both?
JON: We're pumped full of adrenaline. It's a huge rush.
Question: I screamed really loud for you at the San Jose show... I know you heard me! Thank you for always being there!
JON: Was that you?
Question: Jon I'm from Massachusettes and heard your friends with Bill Bellickek, sorry If I spelled that wrong, but is this true
JON: True. Bill is one of the best human beings I know. Great coach. Great person. A true friend. In fact, I wrote the song Bounce with Bill in mind. He was with me when I headed out to the stage in Boston this year
Question: Does it ever shock you, the things your fans are willing to go through and do just to meet or talk to you?
JON: Sometimes yeah but it's also mind boggling but I appreciate them
Question: Jon, are you in a good mood today?
JON: Absolutely. This has been really cool.
Question: How do you adjust to the high altitudes when you guys travel around? It has to be hard on you physically, and you always seem to be so energetic!
JON: We do have to take the climate into account when we're touring. I try not to spend any time in the desert as the air is way too dry and it isn't good for a singer's voice. And the high altitudes are tough too so we work out and we plan accordingly. I remember when I was in Mexico filming Vampires, the altitude in Mexico City was pretty high and I was working out like I always did, running... and it was only after the fact that I realized just how much more of a workout I was actually doing.
Question: Jon, do you ever go on the Bon Jovi site chat room and chat with people (without them knowing it's you) ?
JON: No. I wouldn't know how to access the site if I wanted to do that.
Question: Is there going to be another chat some time in the future?
JON: Hopefully. Thanks for hanging. I'm off for the night. Good evening from Germany. See you out on the road...