- Do you think sometimes with gloom about the wild times with spandex trousers and big hair?
JBJ: I remember them gladly, but not with gloom. Today we laugh naturally at the things from that time. What I can say: Some congratulate you for it and the others blame you for the lack of taste of a whole generation.
-Now you make country. Do you have fear to make yourself ridiculous after 45 as Rocker?
JBJ: At the moment I like no Pop or Rock music. I find Country people like Kenny Chesney or Keith Urban many more exciting.
-This is not middle age crisis, does it?
JBJ: Well well, for Rock radio stations, which played us in former times each day, we are now too old. With the Country radio stations there is a good chance they play us still many years longer. That may stop people, that grew up in the 80with us, but are somewhat calmer today.
- You are one of a few Rock stars, that never came under the wheels of the Showbiz.
JBJ: I often saw how musicians gave everything up for Hollywood Glamour and Models. They thought, they exchange their life for something better. What kind of mistake!
-And so- no Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll for you?
JBJ: That was once. Itís clear I wanted to be a Rock star before! 100 years ago! In the meantime I even took the platinum albums off the walls. Itís only about the music. My God, there is nothing sadder than aged rock star, which still live with the same excesses.
-So we donít see you on celebrity parties ...
JBJ: Because I do not take part in this Celebrity game. Constantly to take my wife and my children over red carpets, so their photo to be into the newspaper-itís not for me. Hollywood is a swamp, from which one hardly cones out. Iíll keep my family far from it!
- Your colleague Richie Sambora often is in the spotlights: with scandal affairs, divorce and rehab.
JBJ: Yes, however, Richie is again okay. He simply has an extremely terrible year behind himself. Incredibly how everything is dumped on him. Now he is the old Richie Sambora again.
- Do you want still to stay on the stage like Mick Jagger until you become a grandfather?
JBJ: Well, everybody orients himself always to what the Rolling Stones does. When we began recently again with rehearsals, I thought: My God, how this Jagger does it? He is twenty years alder then me! But I donít want at all to continue so long, believe me. If one hears bon lovi only from nostalgia, it Ďs time to stop.
-To some rock grandpas like Ozzy Osboume or Genes Simmons from Kiss a Reality shows has saved on television their careers.
JBJ: O, God. Stop me donít do this. If I ever do that, please, shoot me on the spot!
- You have dozens awards. Does the Bambi still surprise you now actually?
JBJ: Surely! I was really surprised when I heard about it. I know namely that this award is very important in Germany. But honestly I canít say that these insignias of  honor are the most important for me.
-What is the most important for you?
JBJ: How the band is, how the new album goes, how are my Kids in the school... but I am very glad about Bambi award. First of all itís a good reason to come again to Germany to meet old friends.
- Do you have a special connection with Germany?
JBJ: I believe, our song "Keep The Faith" spoke to a lot of German fans from the heart. This became our first really big hit in Germany.
- Will you take your children with you on the journey to DŁsseldorf?
JBJ: No, they have no desire. I even donít bring them to come with me to New Jersey to my concerts.
- Will you go sightseeing in Germany, when you are there?
JBJ: Earlier I wanted to see everything, went to every museum. Today this rarely happens. And after a show I still can go to a beautiful restaurant, but otherwise everything says to me: " The singer goes home!ď