Bravo- 1986
Stars in private- Jon Bon Jovi
I am pelted on the stage with BRA's!

Bravo: How did you give that odd title for your No.1 album Slippery When Wet?
Jon: It should be called Wanted: Dead Or Alive at the beginning. But I was never really happy over this title. It sounded too seriously and roughly, not my style, you know. We sat in an evening at a table in this striptease-bar in Vancouver 
and discussed the Cover and the title for the hundredth time. We are permanent guests there. We went there often after the work in the studio, in order to drink. The girls already knew us and were really hot. In this evening, they had something especially great - a Dusch- and bath-scene on open stage with water, soap and all the other. They came close, because we payed no attention on their performance for a long time. Then one bent itself over the table, and since I want to grab her. Of course I slipped at her soaped skin and could not hold her, but in this moment, we had the album-title. Later there was another wild party in the cloakroom of the Girls. 
Bravo: What will you say about the girls? They follow you in flocks.
Jon: Yes, girls are the reason, why you one day take a guitar and start to sing. The thought of the girls brings you to it, that you start to rant on the stage. I tell you because of the girls and nothing otherwise Rock'n'Roll was invented.
Of course I don't lay with all the girlswithout a break. But some are truly sweet,and they show me so clearly how very much they like me... It's clear however, that I find it hot, if a girl in a concert takes off the BRA and throws it to me into the face. That can happen only in a Rock'n'Roll-Konzert, where the total Extase rules. That the girls wouldn't do that under normal circumstances for no man. The Girls look for one true adventure and I also, a moment of the ecstasy,before the normal life continues again. 
Bravo: Furthermore you also have a solid girlfriend however, or?
Jon: Ah, yes - Dorothea, she's my girlfriend since my schooldays. In my country it's named "Highschool Sweetheart", she is and remains my girlfriend!
Bravo: Does Dorothea travel with you and the band through the country, when you are on tour?
Jon: Yes, often. And she is quite proud, if all these girls run after, then she always says: "And that all belong only to me!" I find I this so great from her.
Bravo: Only to her? Truly completely to her?
Jon: Hey, be careful: I am not like a Don Juan to run from one to another girl, what do you think for me? This theater with the girls, that simply belongs to the Rock'n'Roll-Scene. These girls don't expect in reality, that something happens seriously When they show that they like me.
Bravo: You still lived - to the joy of your parents - at your old home in Sayreville, New Jersey. Why then do we meet today here in Bradley Beach at the South-coast of New Jersey?
Jon: I attend to build my own house, near my parents, to whom I am attached very much as well as at my brothers Tony and Matty. In the meantime, I have rented here this house to rest in the pauses between the concerts.
Bravo: Why exactly here - at the wintry abandoned beach of Jersey?
Jon: New Jersey is my home, the Atlantic-beach is familiar to me from my childhood, I feel here the best, I must always be nearby the sea. My future house will be here too...
Bravo: And your room at your parents house?
Jon: That remains as it is - my last refuge, if something does wrong. And my parents should have the feeling, that I have not yet gone away ultimately from them.
Bravo: Closely to Bradley Beach, Bruce Springsteen live in Freehold. Do you know him personaly?
Jon: Yes! I have already admired him since years, somehow he has always been my model. And now when our last album became N 1, Springsteens sent to me whole E-Street-Band luck-wishes - all has signed. Man, I was really proud! These old Rock'n'Rollers send to me- 24- years old beginner congratulation -I found it madly...
Bravo: Where do you actually rehearse with the band now? Early you were in Perth Amboy, at the Jersey-coast, in a quite dark quarter.
Jon: No - there rehearsals finished! There a bad history has happened - in this dark area. As I arrived a day there, in order to prepare everything for our test, the padlocks were still at the doors in fact, but one had broken into our studio from the roof and everything with some value had stolen. All electronic appliances, the intensifiers, tone-mixers, Speaker, simply  everything, which a band needs for working. Over 40 000 dollars of loss and - unfortunately  without any insurance. An evil damage...
Bravo: Pity. But you have finally earned good money with plates and concerts.
Jon: Okay - they are gone.
Bravo: And so many money, that you now earn - what does you do with them?
Jon: I don't lose my mind, if you mean that. They are positioned sensibly in the bank, because I must think for the future. Who knows how long my music-career as rocker will last? Don't deceive, that I'll buy with my money luxury cars my money buys and waste them... 
Bravo: You had however an old Toyota sport car. Do you still have it?
Jon: No. I bought other old sport cars - stylish, quick but not expensive. That is fun for me - and it not needs to be Ferrari or Lamborghini...
Bravo: And where do you rehearse with the band?
Jon: Now we travel so much, but if we are here near New York: In the studio of my cousin Tony Hattan. There I feel as if I am at home.
Bravo: What was the most most embarrassing experience since beginning of your rock career?
Jon: That was in England. We should play before people, that hardly knew us. And the people were somehow against us anyway and looked at us quite suspicious. The mood was so taut, that you believed, that you go home again, if something doesn't happen. But it happened: All at once, as we had just come on the stage, the intensifier-installation
stopped working! Only a pitiful chirping came from our guitars, and the percussion sounded, as if somebody would knock timidly at the door. From singing no sound - micro was off! What do I do? It went to my mind that my acoustic guitar lay behind the stage. I took it, ran to the stage-edge and played a Tom-Petty-Song for the people, then another, merely with it. I felt like an idiot, but it worked: people somehow understood, that I can overcome difficulies. And the intensifiers started working after a quarter of an hour again. All okay...
Bravo: How do you now live, John? Earlier, I remember, you still have fun to play softball with your small brother Matty in the yard or drive your car. What do you now have for hobbies?
Jon: I no more time for hobbies now. But I still love driving my car completely without goal and plan.