My mom translated excerpts from the article (because some of the questions and answers are the same in all the interviews) in Bulgarian from German  and I translated it in English from Bulgarian. If something isn't O.K. please tell me- I'll correct it.  

BRAVO- 05.2000
Typically for JBJ- with his $200 mln... He is one of the richest musicians in the world. But for the interview with Bravo he comes with the guitarist Richie Sambora in L.A, dressed with jeans and a shirt. There is nothing of arrogant rock star.
Bravo: After 5 years Bon Jovi is finally back with new album- Crush. Why the pause was so long?
JBJ: We didn't waiste the time. Our last album These Days came out in 1995 and until the summer of 1996 we were on tour with 133 shows all over the world. In 1997 I released my solo album "Destination anywhere". I played in movies in the rest of the time. We worked on Crush 2 years and we recorded 60 songs.
Richie Sambora: My second album came out in this pause and I became a father. Our keyboardist David Bryan composed film music, the drummer Tico Tores was occupied with his painting career and divorces with Eva Herzigova. The pause went fast and was good for us. Today we are still good friends.
Bravo: What do you mean with the title "It's My Life"?
JBJ: "It's My Life" is my personal motto. My life is belong to me and I'll do with it what I want to. And I don't care about other people opinion. The little boys want to be astronauts or drivers but I wanted to be a musician and I became though everybody told me that I'll end as a low- paid musician. In the song I use words from my idol Frank Sinatra song "My Way". I sing: "As Frankie said I did it my way." The great Sinatra is from New Jersey just like me.
Bravo: In "It's My Life" video there are some young artists...
JBJ: Yeah, we shot the video some weeks ago in L.A. with over 1000 extras. A part of it was shot in a tunnel that was closed for us. The script reminds a little of German movie "Lola rennt" that I like very much and have  watched several times.
Bravo: Why did the new album take so long? The ideas came slow or something?
Richie Sambora: Oh, no. We're not under pressure any more. In the 80's we had new album every year. And we know that the songs need time to become better. One Bon Jovi album is ready when all the people who make it are pleased of the result.
Bravo: How is your personal life, Jon? Do you have time for your wife and children?
JBJ: Yes, I have. Recently we moved from Rumson/N.J. to Middletown which are 5 minutes with car from each other. There is our dream house: 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, a library and a fitnessroom. In a little building next to the house is the modern equipped studio where we recorded Crush. When I want to see my family I just have to walk across the yard. And when I have a break between the shooting (of "Pay It Forward") I shuttle between L.A. and Middletown.
Bravo: Please describe a day of JBJ at home for your fans...
JBJ: I believe they would be shocked when they understand how ordinary it is. I drive children to school, take them from school, family dinner, we watch TV and go to bed. Bon Jovi's are quite normal family.
Bravo: Soon you'll go to a tour with a band. How do you prepare yourself for the exhausting shows?
JBJ: I do some bodybuilding every day in my fitness room. I go skiing. Normally I run 10 km every day, but it's so pity I couldn't do this the last weeks because an old sport trauma. I had to go to an operation of the meniscus. Now everything goes better and I can guarantee that I'll be all right for the tour.
Bravo: As we understood you became a very big football fan...
JBJ: Yes, that's why I am proud that "It's My Life" is ZDF-television song for the European football championship. It will be in the summer. I hope that Lothar Matthaus will make the football popular in the USA...